Stringing Services

We provide while-you-wait, same day and next day stringing.

All stringing is performed directly by John, the owner, who is a United States Racquet Stringer Association certified stringer as well as a USRSA certified Master Racquet Technician and also a member of the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians.

Racquet matching and customizing services

Performance Tennis Pro Shop has the sophisticated equipment and knowledge to offer racquet matching.

Racquet matching service is the process of matching up 2 or more racquests to play as identically as possible.

Even the major tennis brands have an acceptable variance of up to 7 grams of weight heavier or lighter from stated specifications, as well as acceptable variances in balance and swingweight which causes 2 or 3 of the exact same model racquet to feel and perform differently. If you have multiple racquets of the same model, like many players you probably have that racquet that is your favorite.

When the racquets play differently, how can you play consistently? You can't. Advanced players can't do it. Elite players and the worlds top ATP and WTA players can't do it.

Serious players want every one of the racquets to feel and play the same. The professionals have their racquets matched so every one of their racquets feel and play the same.

We are one of the rare tennis pro shops that have and utilize the Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Center and the Prince Tuning Center to accomplish the task of matching racquet specifications. This high tech equipment measures the swingweight, frame stiffness, stringbed stiffness [dynamic tension], weight and balance of the racquet.

Along with this hi tech equipment, John has been certified by the United States Racquet Stringers Association to accomplish these tasks as a Master Racquet Technician. He also has been trained by some of the most accomplished stringers and technicians at the Annual Grand Slam Stringers Symposium which is held at the Saddlebrook Tennis Resort. Some of the participant/trainers include members of Priority1, Richard Parnell ( veteran Grand Slam Tournament stringer and creator of the Parnell tennis knot), Grant Morgan (Andy Roddick's personal stringer), Jason Costillo (French Open stringer), The Wilson stringing team (Indian Wells and US Open) and many others.

Due to the combination of training, experience and the utilization of this hi-tech equipment, we are able to make adjustments by adding weight on strategic areas of the racquets to match the swingweight, balance and weight of the tennis racquets so they will performance as identically as possible.

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